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2012/08/01 Update!

From the occurrence of disaster, to resume the formal business of the restaurant were affected.

"Earthquake East" March 11, 2011 has occurred. Omachi town of Kamaishi-city restaurant is encountered the victims of the tsunami. (Photo 3/27)


This image was taken on August 13, 2011 14:47. The seawater is already suffering from the sidewalk. Ground subsidence was more than expected. Hours after a high tide will be, will be high tide after 12 hours. Sidewalk here is the same elevation and near the stores were affected. Decision was difficult at the same place and resumed business.


"Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant district" January 27, 2012 was its grand opening at Kamaishi Suzuko town. Is a temporary store for a limited period of two years. Reconstruction plan was undecided many aftershocks. Temporary store a short distance from the sea is safe. Is often the owner decided to temporary business in the temporary store. Store is dedicated to all eateries. Temporary store of compartment 48 is the largest in the affected areas. Has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers and television.

[Joseijishin] No.2012/4/3


Fund the opening of the temporary store and a big loss.

At the time of loss of business could be resumed. Damage of equipment and fixtures of stores received due to the disaster. Closed damage of approximately 10 months. Temporary store does not have any equipment. Capital investment in temporary store has been necessary funds. Since the temporary store is a limited time, must be dismissed two years later. Must be invested in new equipment to the tenant.


Regional reconstruction and further start-up capital

one month has passed to resume operating in the temporary store. Sales is less than expected. That there is a factor.
1. Residents in the neighborhood of the store was carried away by the tsunami were moved to temporary housing in the distance. Users of the conventional distance was significantly reduced temporary store far away.
2. Structure does not permit temporary store sales down at midnight. Lack of growth in sales for the business hours of the night was short.
3. Small temporary store. Less revenue since it is less capacity.
For a limited period of two years, whether anxiety can transfer new capital investment destination.


Efforts as group

negotiation of public support. Event planning for the sales contribution of restaurant district. This web site has a Donation. Person or company who donated will be posted to the website.


"Kamaishi HAMAYURI
restaurant district"

A temporary store

14 Suzuko,Kamaishi-city,
Iwate JAPAN 026-0031

Donation Gratitude

* It was hit by the tidal wave of the "East Japan great earthquake" by the restaurant district in Kamaishi-shi, Iwate.

When a house suffers a great deal of damage, there is assistance of the government.There is no assistance to a store.

But much contribution and support were got to know.

48 stores of the restaurant which suffered a great deal of damage resumed the restaurant at the temporary store.

The organization name is the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group".

Although there was a plan of an event to the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group", there are few funds.

But there was contribution from many people and companies.

There were few expenses of a member.

The event was successful.

I appreciate your support.

* The company posted a people and to provide aid to the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group".

+ Lions Club Kamaishi Thank you a set of expensive kitchen equipment and many other units, refrigerators, work. Lions clubs from all over like, Thank you very much the aid of various ingredients such as degree also.
+ Kitakyushu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Thank you very much hand soap and disposable chopsticks, etc., and store supplies.
+ Satsuma Hall Ebisu Co., Ltd. Thank you for your support, etc. each store dedicated glass of shochu.
+ Suntory Beer & Spirits Tohoku Branch Co., Ltd. Thank you for your support, etc. POP mug of new products to all stores.
+ Alley Shibuya heavy drinker Thank you for your support such as food supplies needed to resume business.

* Publish people and the company which contributed to the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group".

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* The date is a payment day and anonymity is a contributor's intention.

Please give me Donation

* The member store of the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group" started temporary business at the temporary store on January 27, 2012.

However, a temporary store is a limited time offer for two years.

The member store must relocate to the day or this operating place of when.

Many funds are required for a move.

There is no assistance of the government.

Moreover, the event plan of the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group" is a financial deficit.

A member's fee cannot be increased.

An event is planned.

A singer is invited.

An event is advertized.

Much money is required for them.

The chairman's "BarLINK (Ken Yamazaki)" contributes required money.

But there are few funds.

When there were funds more, I thought "I would like to pay transportation expenses and expenses-of-the-table money of a singer or a volunteer."

It went on speaking about the situation of this financial deficit to you.

"Please install a support corner by a homepage."

"If the contents of use are exhibited, I would like to offer support money."

"Although it is little amount of money, I would like to contribute simply by the credit card or a bank transfer."

"Since it is a distant place, I would like to remit support money, although he would like to have a meal and to pay money."

There are many said opinions.

And this reconstruction assistance page was installed.

The method of contribution of support money can use PayPal payment with various credit card transactions, such as VISA-Master-JCB-AMEX, and the David pay by card.

VISA MasterCard JCB AmericanExpress PayPal

Not the size of the amount of money for support but the feeling of those who contribute is glad.

* Those who contribute support money need to apply to the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group" from form.

* Thank you apply for donations of financial support.

Details of donations will be posted on the website. Please choose the display type and details.

* name or corporate name or company name.

* Are you sure you want to list who support the name listed above?
NO (Will be anonymous)

* Are you sure you want to Own the amount?

* Please input a e-mail address.

Thank you to enter your selection and after.

Spread This Website

* I made a website.

Published in the search engine you want to.

However, we in trouble if you can not speak English well. Please spread this website.

Ad Banner

* has set up a banner ad on the home page.

When you click on your ad, advertising fees will be credited to the "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group".

"Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group" has been devoted to operating costs that advertising fees.

If you click, will contribute to the reconstruction.

Please click once a day all the sponsorship.

Donation Management

* Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group Chairman of BAR LINK Ken Yamazaki facebook twitter
* Chairman store BAR LINK Tel (81)193-22-3654
A-205 Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant district 14 Suzuko,Kamaishi-city,Iwate 026-0031 JAPAN

* Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant group Secretary-General of KAISYUU Masaya Yamazaki
* Secretary-General store KAISYUU
D-102 Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant district 14 Suzuko,Kamaishi-city,Iwate 026-0031 JAPAN

Donations "Kamaishi HAMAYURI restaurant Group" used to cost and operating costs of reconstruction. There is no other use in any way.

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